Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church!
Our Mission

 We, as Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, are charged with a mission to worship Jesus Christ, be inspired to respond in love to others, and be a Smithsburg community spiritual and social community center.

Our Core Values

 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member of the ELCA and we have the following core values as a church and an organization for the purpose of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. ·  

Learning: We are a congregation that recognizes that we need to continue learning and growing in the witness of each other and the witness of God's word. ·        

Sharing: We value sharing our faith in Jesus Christ with each other and with others in our community. We also value sharing our time and talents with the community to reach out in faith to others. ·        

Forgiveness: We are a church that lives in the forgiveness and grace of Jesus Christ so we value the forgiveness and model our behavior of reconciliation after our Savior. ·        

Service: We value helping others in Christian love and fellowship. We seek ways to serve others. ·        

Worship/Prayer: We as a community place a high value on community worship and prayer. We maintain that worship is the center of our community and encourage all to pray frequently. ·        

Community: We believe that we are better off sharing our faith with each other in community. We value the gifts of faith that we all have to offer and how we as a community of faith can build up each other. ·        

Structure: We value good order. This means that we think that the worship and our activities should reflect a consistency and that traditions teach and inform us about who we are and our faith in Jesus Christ.      

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(301) 824-7460